Test Kitchen Top 3: Grape Expectations

October 24, 2012

You never know what to expect in the Food52 Test Kitchen. Whether it's missing a food delivery, spilling a container full of peppercorns, or standing over a pot of caramel that won't seem to cooperate, we try to handle any hurdles in style. This week was no different, but we still had fun cooking, tasting, and folding (yes, folding). Check out snapshots from another day in the kitchen, and remember to follow us on Instagram @Food52 for more foibles and fun.

grapes on grapes on grapes
1. The word of the day? Grapes. Green, Red, Concord, Black -- bags of the little gems abounded all over the kitchen. After a missed food delivery, it took three trips to the store to re-stock our grape supply. No matter: we called it the day's exercise and kept on cooking.

2. Brette, ever the fastidious student, documents her first caramel-making lesson. As Kenzi stirred, Brette added the cream and butter; things got a little sticky for a minute, but luckily everything turned out smoothly in the end. Later on, we'd all be standing over a bowl of caramel sauce, apples in hand.

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Kristy hearts folding
3. After a long day of shooting, cooking, and being stern with people over the phone, Kristy unwinds with her favorite pasttime: folding tea towels. It's therapy, people.


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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull