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2 Election Night Party Menus

November  1, 2012


We've survived the debates, the ads, the endless political back and forth -- election night is here at last and, however it all goes down, it's a great night for a party. We've come up with not one, but two menus for this momentous night; one for each candidate, inspired by each of their tastes and food preferences. Most of the menus are a bit over the top -- mix and match, or serve mini-versions of most of the dishes.

Use the menus as you please -- you could toe the party line and cook only the foods preferred by your candidate, or you could go bipartisan and mix it up as you see fit! Either way, cheers to democracy -- let's party!  

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Team Obama Menu 

To kick things off, because the Obamas like Mexican food, and because these candidates could use a cocktail: an unbeatable margarita

Lemon Lime Margaritas by thirschfeld

President Obama hasn't come out explicitly in favor of hot dogs, but there sure are a lot of photos of him eating them so we're making a little leap here and betting he'd like this Yum Dog

Yum Dogs by vvvanessa

We chose these for the President's menu because of his favored pre-debate dinner of steak and potatoes. Also, they make for some truly terrific party food. 

Herbed Beef Skewers with Horseradish Cream by Oui, Chef

The Obamas are known for their love of Mexican food (chips and guacamole are apparently a Presidential favorite, and Rick Bayless was very nearly the White House chef!) so this Tortilla Soup was a must. 

Rick Bayless' Tortilla Soup by Genius Recipes

Both candidates like pizza (or at least they sure eat a lot of it for photo ops) and we chose this super classic version for the President.

Jim Lahey's No-Knead Pizza by Genius Recipes

Having grown up in Hawaii, President Obama is a fan of all things icy and served in cones, particularly shaved ice, so we're pretty sure he'd love mrslarkin's Cherry Snow Cone. 

Cherry Snow Cone by mrslarkin

Team Romney Menu

A small note about this menu: in the interest of keeping with the theme, we've left cocktails out, as Mr. Romney doesn't indulge. However, it's been a long election cycle, and we say it's time for a drink, so feel free to pop a bottle of your favorite bubbly and sip away!

Iced Mint and Citrus Tea by merrill

Chef Jason Royal's fantastically messy New Englandah Burgah and meganvt01's Avocado Crab Roll each get a spot on Romney's menu as a nod to his run as the Governor of Massachusetts. And also because they're really, really good. 

Avocado Crab Rolls by meganvt01 

New Englandah Burger by Chef Jason Royal

Romney is known to be extremely health conscious and even known to prefer his slice sans cheese so we think he'd approve of fiveandspice's super simple Cacio e Pepe Pizza.

Cacio e Pepe Pizza with Roasted Radishes by fiveandspice

While President Obama geared up for the debates with steak and potatoes, Mitt Romney kept it light and healthy with veggie burgers. We can't be sure what his favorite veggie burger is, but we bet he'd love this vegan Zucchini Quinoa Burger

Zucchini Quinoa Burgers by Gena Hamshaw


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wananling November 1, 2012
I know who I'd vote for based on food tastes!