Secret Swap 2012

November 13, 2012

The Food52 community is organizing a Secret Swap for the holiday season -- sign up below and join the fun!

secret swap

Last year, thanks to Food52er enbe's organization, over 100 Food52 cooks swapped tasty treats across countries and continents in a Holiday Secret Swap. She's done it again this year, and we hope that even more cooks will participate. Who doesn't love getting tasty holiday surprises in the mail?

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Here's the deal: Sign up by November 24th, prepare some treats for your assigned Food52 member, and send them out by December 12th. Get creative: cookies, preserves, and any other edible forms of holiday cheer are all welcome. (We can't tell what we're more excited about: giving gifts or getting them.)

Need some incentive to join? Check out some of the delicious treats that were swapped last year. Now go forth and swap! Full guidelines can be found on enbe's sign-up sheet. Be sure to take pictures of what you give and get on the official Tumblr page -- we can't wait to see what our community does this year.



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Marian Bull

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Panfusine December 22, 2012
JUst got a package from my secret Santa (i think it was left there yesterday at the door step, I didn't notice it until now).. yet to open it.. am keeping it under the tree..Thanks so much!
Ms. T. December 22, 2012
Just received a lovely package from melomel and posted a photo on the Tumblr page. So much fun--thanks for organizing!
walkie74 December 5, 2012
I don't suppose anyone got left behind? I know I'm late, but I'd like to participate too...
Bevi November 30, 2012
I am having such fun organizing and brainstorming for my secret swap. It's really nice to give a gift to someone who will be totally surprised!
Marc O. November 16, 2012
This is such a fantastic idea. As a small 'd' democratic community building activist I can imagine a lot of ways to build off of this secret swap idea. Thanks for the nugget
Panfusine November 14, 2012
Thanks for organizing this event again Enbe!
enbe November 13, 2012
Thanks for getting the word out!
mrslarkin November 14, 2012
enbe, thanks for organizing again. I've been waiting for this all year! It's such a fun project.
ryanm November 13, 2012
This was great fun last year and I look forward to it again. I'm wondering, though, if there's a way of integrating Hurricane Sandy victims into this? or another Food 52 initiative to help those people with (among more pressing needs) some holiday foods?
Bevi November 14, 2012
That's a great idea. I was also wondering if there was some way to help out via the food52 cookbook parties. Can we send a group package from our various party sites? Make items that ship well and go in as a group on the shipping costs?
enbe November 14, 2012
I think this is a great and generous idea too. The structure of the swap currently is not very permissive (especially since many people have already signed up and I wouldn't know how to match them with people who have more pressing problems than logging onto Food52) but if there is a good way to help those in need, I would love to contribute!
ryanm November 14, 2012
I wonder if maybe the Food 52 folks could help with this; they already did a lot last week (and posted about it); perhaps there is an organization that would be interested in receiving holiday food. I've been giving, through their Amazon "wedding registry," things like hammers and diapers to Occupy Sandy. But how or whether they could handle being sent various boxes of homemade holiday treats I don't know. And yet I'm certain that, while hammers and diapers are needed more urgently, some nice homemade cookies would also be crucial for people struggling with the devastation.
Kristen M. November 14, 2012
Thank you for proposing this -- we'll brainstorm on our end!