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January  3, 2012

Who knew Santa was a chef? Thanks to enbe's organization, over one hundred FOOD52 users participated in the first-ever FOOD52 Secret Swap, shuttling goodies across the country and getting many in return. See below for some highlights, and thanks to the participants for all of your creativity and generosity!

hilarybee to vvvanessa

Hilarybee to vvvanessa: mild pepper jelly, hot pepper jelly, peach and amaretto jam, crabapple and damson plum conserve, and cinnamon applesauce

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stilllifeiwthwhisk to linzarella

stilllifewithwhisk to linzarella: peppermint bark, chocolate cayenne cocktail cookies, spiced nuts, cranberry-ginger sauce, and homemade rosemary-mint soap


mrslarkin to enbe

mrslarkin to enbe: Almond-Veggie Raw Flax Crackers, Guitard chocolate, St. Germain, Chambourd, kitchen hand soap, and Mrs. Larkin's goodies


bevi to nannydeb

Bevi to nannydeb: caramelized apple jam, peach jam, rum balls, maple cream, and Pine Nut Brittle with Rosemary


drbabs to calendargirl

drbabs to calendargirl: Simple Gifts Granola, Cheese Crispettes, Everyone's Favorite White Cookies, spice rubs and mixes from Penzey's Spices, Oatmeal Chocolate Crisps, and Spiced Raisin Bran Muffin Mix


panfusine to dymnyno

Panfusine to dymnyno: Sweet and Salty Herbed Shortbread, Simple Gifts Granola, Chai Spice Blend, English Breakfast Tea


anonymous to hardlikearmor

Anonymous to hardlikearmour: strawberry-rhubarb jam, spicy catsup, and homemade limoncello


Safrus to Syronai

Safrus to Syronai: Quince Preserves with Jalapeno and Gin, Strawberry Balsamico with Basil Preserves, olives in brine, and an herb blend from Safrus' garden


blissfulbaker to hilarybee

BlissfulBaker to Hilarybee: Jam-Jam Cookies, Peppermint Pretzel Bark, Garam Masala-spiced almonds, and a spice treasure chest (with Himalayan Pink Salt, whole nutmeg, mulling spice blend, star anise, cardamom pods, and lavender blossoms)


sagegreen to bluekaleroad

Sagegreen to BlueKaleRoad: toasted hazelnut flour, Dukka, rose petals, Velvet de Guerande, a wooden spoon, artisan bread topping, and cranberry beans 


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Brette Warshaw

Written by: Brette Warshaw

I'm a reader, eater, culinary thrill-seeker, and food nerd.


please add me to the very next Swap!! I am new here, and I want to get involved right away with all this site offers. SMILES
fmag07 December 9, 2012
Hi I'm new to the site and I love it!!! I would love to be in next secret swap. So count me in, thanks.
fudgefactor January 11, 2012
Count me in for next time, please.
enbe January 9, 2012
I'm looking forward to organizing this again next year if there is enough interest. Hopefully I'll get the word out through Food52 sometime in early November.
ChefJune January 9, 2012
I was so sad that I couldn't participate in this for 2011, but since I was out of the country from 11/24 - 12/10, I knew I wasn't going to have time to do it right. I'm hoping to be part of it next year, or if we decide to do it on an ongoing basis. I've got some great cakes, cookies, candies that not only taste great, but travel well! :)
KingRubenRocks January 9, 2012
Oh I can't wait to participate if the swap is happening again this year!
garlic&lemon January 8, 2012
This was so much fun! Thanks to enbe for her organizational genius. I sent New Mexico things to my person in Maryland and received Seattle things from my Secret Santa. My only regret is that I am camera impaired. By next year, I hope to have mastered my iPhone in order to post the lovely goodies.
Mary S. January 8, 2012
I would also like to participate in something like this, do we have to wait until NEXT Christmas???
SaucyRedhead January 8, 2012
Me, too! What a fantastic (and tasty) treat!
triedntrue January 8, 2012
Seriously! I'm crazy jealous I wasn't able to participate in this. Would love to hear when you host one again.
belfman January 8, 2012
How can we make sure we are on the participation list for next year? I love doing this typevof thing!
Happy cooking and eating in 2012!
Jacquie D. January 8, 2012
Please include me next time you do the swap! I love stuff like this and I do a mean smoked salmon.
mcs3000 January 7, 2012
Thank you, @Enbe for putting together this amazing Secret Santa exchange! It was so much fun to make gifts and to receive. I received beautiful + delicious gifts from @Dymnyno: tomato chili lime jam, mango chutney, apple pie sauce and a marvelous bottle of Cab from her winery, Constant. Happy New Year!
Ms. T. January 5, 2012
SO much fun--Thank you Enbe for bringing such a great idea to life! I'm sorry I devoured most of my gifts before I remembered to take photos, but I LOVED the box of Southern goodies I got from Summer of Eggplant, each with a little story/explanation. I think my favorite was the smoked trout pate, sent on dry ice. Deee-lish! And I can't wait to try making the stone ground grits with special spice rub for shrimp...It's the gift that keeps on giving :)
Bevi January 5, 2012
This was so much fun! Thanks to enbe for the great idea and the great facilitation! I cannot wait until next year's swap - assuming this will be a food52 tradition....

All the best to all food52ers in the new year.
tupperbear January 5, 2012
You Food52ers rock. I'd love to share my Strawberry Preserves with Black Pepper and Balsamic Vinegar with someone next year (I get good reviews from family/friends I share it with).

Also, a vegetarian friend of my made a little punctuation change to the "Love People" bumper sticker - still makes me laugh.

"Love People. Cook them. tasty food."
Rhonda35 January 5, 2012
THAT is hysterical!!
Kitchen B. January 5, 2012
I must move to The States - what an outpouring of love and food. Said right ' Love People, Cook them tasty food!'
vvvanessa January 4, 2012
so many awesome gifts. enbe, you so rock! i had so much fun i don't know if i can wait till december to do it again; i think we should seriously consider a summer secret santa swap!
Betty A. January 4, 2012
Lovely gifts from such a talented group of folks ! So nice to share the spirit of the season. This should be made into a yearly tradition, Food 52!
Betty A. January 4, 2012
Lovely gifts from such a talented group of folks ! So nice to share the spirit of the season. This should be made into a yearly tradition, Food 52!