Your Best Bread Pudding

February 27, 2010

In this week's video, Amanda and Merrill make the Bread Pudding finalist recipes: Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding and Airy Rosemary Citrus Pignole Bread Pudding. Eggs are beaten, milk is infused, chocolate is chopped, and the Bulleit flows freely.

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Rose C. January 2, 2012
Both of these bread puddings look wonderful, but could you kindly write up the recipe, or, at least indicate the amount of milk etc that you are using.
Thank you.
Merrill S. January 2, 2012
Both of the recipe titles (in purple) in the text above the video link to the full recipes themselves -- let me know if you have trouble finding them.
Kelsey B. February 28, 2010
Nice video! The citrus pudding might have a place on my Oscar night menu, although the chocolate pudding sounds so good, too. Also, I love that copper baking dish you make it in - it's such a nice size and is so presentable!
Merrill S. February 28, 2010
Isn't that dish great? Amanda got me one just like it for Christmas this year!
Jamies' M. February 28, 2010
I have to vote for the chocolate bourbon bread pudding. The recipe is a simple one and yet tastes decedent. I ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner until it was gone.
JimHero February 28, 2010
The chocolate bourbon was great, but the next time I'm home I'll make you the Zest!

ps. Hilarious username, Mom.
Tinky February 28, 2010
I encourage all pudding lovers to enter my charity pudding contest! WE LOVE BREAD PUDDING. It will be on October 30 in Charlemont, Mass. Details to follow at this site: For now, just scroll down to see pix of LAST year's contest.......
Merrill S. February 28, 2010
What a fun idea. Make sure you send us some reminders before Oct. 30th!
gabrielaskitchen February 27, 2010
It's wonderfully exciting seeing you two make my recipe! So sorry for the loooooong name... you're right it's a tongue twister! :)