Your Best Dish with Blood Oranges, Feta and Mint

March 12, 2010
We think this grab bag experiment went swimmingly, don't you? Along with the other 46 inspired recipes using various permutations of blood oranges, feta and mint, we wound up with two equally simple, equally impressive finalist recipes that are still so very different: Ricotta, Feta and Mint Layers with Honeyed Blood Oranges by mrslarkin and Feta Frozen Yogurt with Blood Orange and Mint Granita by Helenthenanny. Watch the video below and then cast your vote!

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coffeefoodwrite March 15, 2010
Both recipes look so delicious! It is going to be very difficult to vote this week. Amanda, Love your mixer! What kind is it?
Amanda H. March 16, 2010
Thank you. Merrill bought it for me for Christmas -- I've always wanted a hand mixer! It's a new line by Viking.
coffeefoodwrite March 16, 2010
It's absolutely beautiful. Merrill has wonderful taste =)
Merrill S. March 16, 2010
I was just the messenger -- Amanda discovered it at an event.
coffeefoodwrite March 16, 2010
I'm going to have to hunt this one down -- this particular appliance has made me very excited. =)
Helenthenanny March 13, 2010
Yahoo!!!! Thank you so much A&M!! So fun to come home to!!
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Not sure if you noticed but it's amazing how many different colors the granita can be. Your version looked orange. The first one we made was fuschia colored and the second one was more a dark red.
Helenthenanny March 14, 2010
Oh Amanda, I did notice the color of y'all's beautiful granita right away! I used tarocco blood oranges that I bought from our Central Market (I think you used them too?) with pinky-sunset colored orange results, but oh man were they sweet! Cutting blood oranges in half is quite a surprise, you never know what colors (more red or more orange) will await, but their amazing flavor is a constant : }
Rhonda35 March 12, 2010
Sound was much better, although my viewing had the audio a little out-of-sync with the visuals - maybe it's my internet connection at this wifi site. Only time the sound wasn't so hot was when Merrill was trying to give pointers while Amanda was using her new hand mixer! ;-)

Not sure which of these I'd choose - both look so good!

Can regular oranges stand in for blood oranges?
mrslarkin March 12, 2010
I did notice the audio/visual delay a tiny bit also.
mrslarkin March 12, 2010
Rhonda, for the Ricotta Feta Layers, I think regular oranges would do just fine.
Merrill S. March 12, 2010
The sound was a bit off this week. (And note to self: do not attempt to compete with a hand mixer!) Regular oranges should work beautifully for both recipes -- you just won't get the lovely fuschia color.
Lizthechef March 12, 2010
Something wonderful has occurred - no more "sticking/stop-start"" in your recent videos. Sound quality better too. Well done!
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Good -- I wonder if the sticking/stop-start has to do with the loading of the video. You might want to try and let the video fully load before pressing start. Sometimes that helps.
mrslarkin March 12, 2010
That was FUN! And a little surreal. And suspenseful! The loaf pan put up a pretty good fight! Well done, A&M!
Merrill S. March 12, 2010
We were sweating there for a minute.
MrsWheelbarrow March 12, 2010
mrslarkin, i made your charming terrine for an impromptu get together. i lined the mini loaf pan with plastic wrap before putting the layers in. after chilling, i was able to loosen it by lifting the plastic wrap, making the extraction much less nerve-wracking. btw, everyone just loved the dish. and it's so pretty! (i garnished with some little violas.)
mrslarkin March 12, 2010
That is so great to hear, Mrs. W! Good tip on the alternate extraction method! Violas! Can't wait for spring to arrive!
Amanda H. March 13, 2010
Yes, thanks so much for the great tip MrsWheelbarrow. Not quite as fun as banging the pan on the counter but less precarious!