6 Links That Will Make You Believe in True Love

February  9, 2013

You've made it to the weekend, which means you can treat yourself to our roundup of links we love. This past week -- just in case you didn't know -- love was in the air, and it's only gaining speed. Muster up the courage to ask out that new co-worker or the new tenant down the hall, buy a box of chocolates, and read on for an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

  • Your Valentine deserves only the best. The best American-made chocolate, that is.
  • Make sure your Valentine gets the picture with short but sweet blow-up posters.

  • Go above and beyond: let Etsy and Whole Foods help you find the most thoughtful gift to pair with the perfect dinner.
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Written by: gheanna

My two (current) favorite foods start with the letter D: doughnuts, and dumplings. If a dish has bacon in it, I will most likely eat it. If I could marry honey butter, I would.