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Oscar Night 2013: Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond

February 20, 2013

The 2013 Oscars will include a big celebration of all things James Bond in honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of Dr. No, the first Bond movie. In light of that, we're building our Oscar night menu in 007 style. Because British + sexy + the 1960s = an excellent party theme. 

We've done all the recon, but the field work is up to you! Put your counter-intelligence to work, and throw a swinging bash. The menu is below, along with lots of excellent cocktail-conversation-ish James Bond trivia and somewhat silly word play, inspired by the equally silly Bond lexicon. 

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Martini by Erika Kotite

Though James and Erika would quibble over her preference for a stirred (not shaken) martini, they would agree that it's -- as Erika says -- the "most classic cocktail of all."


Rose's Deviled Clams Casino by ibbeachnana 

Not only are these a terrific party bite -- salty, warm, crisp, a little luxurious -- they have casino in the name and, as many of you surely know, casinos are a big thing in Bond world. Casino Royale is not only the first of the Daniel-Craig-as-Bond films, it's also the title of Ian Fleming's first Bond novel. Last but not least, before there was Austin Powers, there was the 1967 Woody Allen-Peter Sellers-Orson Welles Bond satire that was also called Casino Royale. Phew! 


Scotch Eggs by lorigoldsby 

Mr. Bond is a product of Britian -- Scotland, specifically (thanks for the details, Skyfall!) -- in the 60s and he's a secret agent. Which is to say, he does not fear cholesterol. He should watch it though, come to think of it. After all, he Only Lives Twice


Fried Oysters with Saffron Aioli by Savory Kitchen

We'll let this one speak for itself. 


The Elegant Hors d'Oeuvre's Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts by Genius Recipes

The 70s were a transitional, though prolific time for James. Roger Moore took over the role and Bond got, well, a little frothy. These brilliant bacon-enrobed pop-ables hail from a 1977 cookbook entitled The Elegant Hors d'Oeuvre, and we're pretty sure 1970s Bond would approve. Perfect for soaking up all those martinis.


Pub Gougeres with Anchovy and Cayenne by withinseason

There's nothing more British than Bond, except maybe meeting down at the pub. Okay, these aren't very Bond-y other than that, really. But they sure taste good, and they'll make a terrific Oscar Night snack, we promise.


Francis Mallmann's Potato Dominoes by Genius Recipes

potato dominoes

Domino is one of the more famous Bond girls (originally in Thunderball and then in the remake Never Say Never Again with a young Kim Basinger as Domino). We have a different kind of domino around here.


Mediterranean Octopus Salad by Sasa Stucin

Octopus(sy) salad. We couldn't help ourselves.

Cue the exit music! Cheers! 


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walkie74 February 24, 2013
...will I get yelled at if I say that I didn't get the oysters joke?