Winner of Your Best Noodle Soups

February 27, 2013

Congratulations to gingerroot, whose Spicy Sesame Pork Soup with Noodles won the contest for Your Best Noodle Soups!


The winning dish, left, and gingerroot enjoying lunch with mrslarkin, right. 

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1. Describe an early food experience that has influenced the way you think about food and/or cooking.
I was fortunate to grow up feeling that food was synonymous with family. With two grandmothers who expressed love through cooking and feeding their family and friends, some of my best memories are around a dining table. Food was also fun -- as the oldest of four, I remember having pizza-making contests with my dad. We (kids) choose a dough recipe, a sauce recipe, and all our own toppings, while my dad did the same using different recipes. I am sure our pizza was always the best.

2. What's your least favorite kitchen task?
My least favorite task is definitely washing greens for a salad. I’m not exactly sure why...but if you do it, I’ll make the dressing!

3. If you could only have one tool in your kitchen, what would it be and why?
This is a tough question. I think I have to go with a good, sharp knife because while many kitchen tools can be improvised with a good hack, without a sharp knife, it is going to be difficult to slice, chop, or eat that beautiful piece of meat (or kabocha pumpkin).

4. What is your idea of comfort food?
A steaming bowl of broth with noodles, preferably with some spice, always hits the spot.

5. What is your greatest kitchen disaster?
Thankfully I have not had any spectacular ones to date (spectacular to me connotes fire and blood). However, this past Christmas as I was preparing breakfast for visiting family, I averted near disaster. I will say that I have a weird energy when it comes to electronics (let’s just say I’ve crashed my share of computers for no apparent reason). Anyway, right before my family arrived, as I started filling serving bowls, I tried to use the microwave and it suddenly stopped working. No matter, I told myself, no time to waste! I moved on to the oven, took out a pan of fiveandspice’s Orange Scented Olive Oil Sticky Buns and then when I tried to turn it off, it went into “Self-Cleaning” mode and a fan started to whir (which had never happened before). I was very happy to see my mom, who swooped in and saved the day (read: she was able to use the microwave and turn off my oven).



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QueenSashy February 28, 2013
I am with you, a good sharp knife comes first. Congrats! Great dish.
gingerroot March 1, 2013
Thank you!
healthierkitchen February 28, 2013
Another great recipe! I love the photo of you all!
gingerroot March 1, 2013
Thanks, healthierkitchen! It was a terrific day!
Kukla February 28, 2013
Congratulations ginger root!!! A delicious soup!
gingerroot March 1, 2013
Thank you Kukla!
boulangere February 27, 2013
Congratulations, gingerroot. I love the photo of you and MrsLarkins!
gingerroot March 1, 2013
Thank you boulangere. I love that my little gingerroots got to meet Sconegirl and Sconeboy!
TheWimpyVegetarian February 27, 2013
Many congrats gingerroot!!! Your soup really looks just amazing!!
gingerroot March 1, 2013
Thanks so much S! I appreciate your kind words.
vvvanessa February 27, 2013
Congrats! I've had my eye on this to make soon.
gingerroot February 28, 2013
Thanks vvvanessa! I hope you enjoy it.
EmilyC February 27, 2013
Hooray -- congrats Jenny! Beautiful recipe.
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks Emily!
creamtea February 27, 2013
Congratulations on your win! Back in the days when everyone wore wristwatches, my Mother used to say she had that effect on timepieces. Any watch she wore would stop cold. I guess you'd say she could stop time.
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, creamtea! Wow, stop time? Now if only we could figure out how to harness this ability...:)
dymnyno February 27, 2013
Aloha and congratulations! Mahalo for a great recipe.
gingerroot February 27, 2013
You are so welcome, Mary! I hope you enjoy it if you try it. Much aloha.
Madhuja February 27, 2013
Congratulations, gingerroot! What a fabulous recipe! :)
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, Madhuja!
Midge February 27, 2013
Big congrats!! Awesome recipe.
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks, Midge!!
Summer O. February 27, 2013
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, Summer of Eggplant!
savorthis February 27, 2013
Good for you! My husband has that same weird energy with electronic devices. I often make him leave the room when I'm on the computer....I wonder what that is?!
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you savorthis! A long time ago whenever the xerox machine acted up at work a friend attributed it to "mercury in retrograde"...maybe it was me all along (! or a combination ha ha). Don't be too hard on your husband, we can't help it! :)
inpatskitchen February 27, 2013
Congratulations! What a beautiful soup!
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks, Pat! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you give it a try.
fiveandspice February 27, 2013
Yay Jenny!!!! Congratulations!
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks, Em!! It was a lovely surprise to start the day.
Beautiful, M. February 27, 2013
Congrats! This is a fabulous recipe!
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, Beautiful, Memorable Food!!
mrslarkin February 27, 2013
Congrats gingerroot!

That day was one of the highlights of my year! :)
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks mrslarkin! I feel the same way about that day...we are all plotting our return! :)
hardlikearmour February 27, 2013
Congratulations!! I'm thrilled for you!
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, hla!!
cookinginvictoria February 27, 2013
Congrats, gingerrroot! So glad to see you (and this wonderful recipe!) in the winner's circle. I love your Q&A and the photo of you and mrslarkin. :)
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thank you, cookinginvictoria! I'm thrilled!
aargersi February 27, 2013
Yay and Congrats! What a wonderful soup and Q&A - but um we will have to keep you away from electronics if you ever make it to Texas for a visit ....
gingerroot February 27, 2013
Thanks, a! I won't be offended if you put me on non-appliance duty WHEN I visit you in Texas. :)