This week's special guest -- Cesare Casella, Executive Chef/Owner of Salumeria Rosi and Dean of Italian Studies at the Italian Culinary Academy -- shows A&M how to make risotto happy. Like us, it wants to be listened to! Together, they make Abra Bennett's Risotto Rosso and compare the art of risotto-making to crowd control at a party. Don't forget to watch for Chef Casella's clever version of a pocket square, which is both fashion-forward and practical (it smelled good too!).

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Helenthenanny March 27, 2010
That man is a cutie pie! I like him a lot! And I just love that he seems to walk around with a bunch of rosemary in his pocket! So sweet, great video, and great recipe too!
NakedBeet March 27, 2010
Good point again about the wine or other cooking liquids needing to be at room temperature so the rice doesn't stop cooking. Lots of fun seeing you make both dishes.
Abra B. March 27, 2010
It's so cool to watch you guys cook my risotto! I do need to add that as of this month we've moved back to the US, because of my husband's health. We're now home again on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA, and I'm cooking again in the kitchen where I originally created this risotto dish. Your choosing this recipe makes for a full-circle welcome home, for which I thank you.
Merrill S. March 28, 2010
Sorry for our mistake, and welcome back to the U.S.!
saenyc March 27, 2010
That's definitely dinner tonight on this annoying cold Spring day.

By the by, what type of pot were you guys using? I love the look of it.
mrslarkin March 27, 2010
Bravissimi! Love watching you guys cook with an "expert". Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, Chef Casella!
mrslarkin March 27, 2010
P.S. What I learned from the videos is that I should definitely go soupier with the risotto at the end, right?
coffeefoodwrite March 27, 2010
Love the rosemary in the pocket...!
Merrill S. March 27, 2010
It's his signature -- great, isn't it?
lastnightsdinner March 26, 2010
Both of these videos are wonderful - so charming, as is Chef Casella. I can't wait to try both of these risotto dishes.
Daphne March 26, 2010
Fantastic video, how much fun, I miss Italy!
Just loved Cesare's suggestions for risotto; each are easy to apply, yet also just as easy to miss. I've shied away from risotto in the past but I look forward to making it now with confidence!
Thank you!
Merrill S. March 27, 2010
He taught us quite a few useful tips!
AntoniaJames March 26, 2010
Eccellente! Ave Imperator! (Hail Caesar!)