Test Kitchen Top 3: Of Brioche and Buns

March  6, 2013

Another whirlwind day in the test kitchen, another slew of Instagram shots to keep you all entertained. The word of the day this week? Bread. From buns to brioche, we were busy mixing and kneading and eating all day; let's just say we kept Amanda's toaster busy and our bellies full. For hours it felt like there wasn't a vegetable in sight, until Kenzi pulled out some beautiful beets and fennel, and salads were nigh. Read on for more details on the soon-to-be trademarked Food52 Brioche Diet, and find more kitchen hijinks on our Instagram feed

1. A few buns in the oven. Being the test kitchen ninja that she is, Jennifer had already prepped the dough and filling for a batch of savory buns before most of us had even had our coffee. Here, she brushes a glaze atop each ball of soft, springy dough that would later become our lunch. Now bring on the jokes about buns in the oven.

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2. Endless Brioche. Not that we're complaining, but as we've said, it was a bread-heavy day. As in, our meals consisted of buttered toast, freshly baked brioche a la Dorie Greenspan, and cookies. We're calling it the Brioche Diet, coming soon to a morning infomercial near you. Although it made us want for a salad or four, at least there were a lot of beautiful things to look at -- like this powdered sugar version of a crime scene silhouette.

3. Finally, a vegetable. After this beauty clocked its time in front of the camera, one of us stole it out of Kenzi's hands, sliced it up, and turned it into a quick salad. (If only we'd had the time to prep this beauty!) It's nice to feel virtuous in the test kitchen, even if we're grabbing for cupcakes five minutes later.

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Alissa D. March 6, 2013
Amanda - Love the Blog! Very inspiring!
Anna H. March 6, 2013
I've been making Dorie Greenspan's brioche like crazy lately. You gotta try it with some finely-chopped little bits of candied grapefruit peel tossed in and pearl sugar on top!
Marian B. March 6, 2013
Oh, that sounds amazing! I feel like candied grapefruit needs to play a bigger role in my life.
Kitchen B. March 7, 2013
Love, love, love this idea....especially because I have both candied citrus and pearl sugar! Yum!!!
hardlikearmour March 6, 2013
That bun photo reminds me I haven't made manapua in awhile!