Test Kitchen Outtakes: Tiny Interns, Big Messes

April  3, 2013

Our test kitchen tends to get hectic. We do our best to run a tight ship, but we're often prepping, cooking, and shooting multiple dishes at once; we're like a troupe of unicyclists trying to juggle swords while taming a lion or two. In other words, we'll take all the help we can get. 

This week, we took on a temporary intern and did our best to keep our messes contained -- or at least out of sight. Find our favorite outtakes below, and follow us on Instagram for more.


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Meet our newest intern! With a day off from school, Addie was eager to help out. She asked all about Twitter and Instagram, so we leveraged her curiosity and put her to work right away. Her first tweet was admirably direct: "You should make these roasted vegetables. They're awesome! They taste good!" At the end of the day, she even helped us sweep the floor; she left the place spotless.


The kitchen isn't always immaculate, though. While our photographer, James Ransom, is Food52's Wizard of Oz -- the man behind the curtain who can make even the most boring plate of brown mush dazzle -- sometimes our photo shoots look like Kansas after a tornado. Above, a smattering of objects hide just out of the frame of James' shot: a pot of onion jam, a few glasses of wine, and our favorite amoeba-shaped trivet.


PS: A&M have mastered time travel. Flashback to Monday: Food52 became Food1852 for April Fools' Day, and we all had a blast filming this year's video at Bobolink Dairy in New Jersey. For gratuitous pictures of A&M in bonnets and baby cows, take a look at our behind the scenes post.

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull


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Rhonda35 April 10, 2013
I think you should hire that new intern!