6 Ways to Drink Like Don Draper for the Mad Men Premiere

April  5, 2013

Let's be serious: the only reason any of us really watch Mad Men is to fantasize about being as cool as Don Draper. And if there's ever any chance of that happening, you'll need booze (and ice, fetched by your secretary) in a glass, and you'll need it fast.

Make any one of these classics, sit back, and settle in for this season's premiere. (Really settle in -- it's two hours.) Who knows, maybe Pete and Trudy will finally work things out, maybe Peggy will out-Don Don, maybe you'll drink two Old Fashioneds and never know the difference. It's Jimmy Barrett logic: the drunker you are, the funnier all of this becomes. Cheers, people. 

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Old Fashioned





Classic Daiquiri

Still want another? Click play and watch every drink consumed during the show. Ever. 

Photo and video courtesy of uproxx.com

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Kenzi Wilbur

Written by: Kenzi Wilbur

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ryanm April 7, 2013
Yes--a Boulevardier--that's it. Not sure why I can never remember the name, since I sure can remember the drink.
priyaramkumar1982 April 7, 2013
Was there really someone drinking negroni? www.saiinstitutes.in
LauriL April 6, 2013
I've never seen the show either but Marian you are dead on! And to Ryanm...would that be a Mangroni? LOL!!
ryanm April 6, 2013
A Mangroni--nice! For what it's worth, I don't watch the show either. In fact I'm not sure I know anyone who's much of a TV person. But we do all like our libations.
LauriL April 6, 2013
I watched very closely and I didn't see anyone drinking a Manhattan or a Negroni!!! Lol
Marian B. April 6, 2013
But isn't it appropriate to watch a show about Manhattan while drinking a Manhattan? (And isn't a negroni always appropriate?)

I don't watch the show, but I'm always happy to find an excuse to stir myself a cocktail and pretend I'm as much of a baller as Don Draper.
ryanm April 6, 2013
I can't recall its name, but that mash-up between a Manhattan and a Negroni is also quite nice (I prefer it to both, in fact): equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and rye/bourbon.
Kenzi W. April 7, 2013
I think you may be talking about a Boulevardier, and if so, nicely done.