7 Recipe-Saving Sites to Make Your Life Easier

April 17, 2013

We've all been there. You run across a recipe that looks so tantalizing it makes you want to drop your laptop right then and there and make a beeline to the kitchen. Except, when you go back later to actually make the recipe, you can't find it anywhere (read: your culinary hopes and dreams are crushed). 

To remedy this situation, we've rounded up some of our favorite recipe-saving websites and apps that will make your life easier. (Outside of our snazzy new recipe colelctions, of course.) Rest assured that when your best friend's birthday rolls around, that recipe for triple chocolate cake will be right where you left it. 

1. Yummly  
Yummly aims to connect home cooks with the best recipes -- from everywhere. Compile and organize your favorites, share them to social with the click of a button, or get lost in their database of over 500,000 recipes. Go ahead, search every recipe in the world. 

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2. ZipList
This free tool allows users to upload their own recipes, create shopping lists, and meal plan all in one place. And, the availability of an iPhone or Android app means paper lists are a thing of the past. 

3. Foodie
Foodie has managed to create a community of food enthusiasts; it's a place to share favorite recipes, top restaurants, and food news all at once. We love how simple it is to curate your own visually-based collections of recipes and restaurants to try. We've just signed up -- you should too. 

4. Paprika
This app requires a one-time fee, but it's a small price to pay for the unparalleled functionality. On top of saving any recipe on the web, it will sort your grocery lists by aisle, and consolidate similar ingredients. It will also appeal to the technologically-inclined -- you can easily sync all of your devices, so your recipes are always with you. 

5. Pinterest
Recipes are only a fraction of what Pinterest curates, but the site makes it easy to save your favorites from around the web, and keep them sorted in one, easily accessible place. Which means: less searching, more cooking. 

6. MyRecipes
We like MyRecipes for its straightforward features, and the fact that you can easily browse recipes from your favorite magazines, like Food & Wine and Real Simple, without ever switching tabs. 


7. Eat Your Books
This site is like your kitchen bookshelf, only virtual and searchable. Add your favorite cookbooks to your Eat Your Books shelf, and then bookmark the recipes you're most excited about. When you're ready, they'll all be waiting in one place. 

Have a favorite recipe-saving site that we didn't cover? Tell us in the comments! 

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Written by: Sarah_Sherwood

Editorial Intern at Food52


LeeLeeBee April 21, 2013
Pepperplate is fantastic, too!
abz123 April 18, 2013
Pepperplate is also great
tashPK April 18, 2013 is a fab website aswell
JohnnyB April 18, 2013
I used to use Pinterest when I first started looking for a "digital cookbook" solution but I found it cumbersome when it came to searching for specific items in your own collection. Great for finding new content though.

Now I use Evernote. When I find a recipe I like on a web site I use the "clip to evernote" extension which will take a copy of the page you're viewing and save it to your account. It is like virtually tearing a page out of a magazine and gluing it into your recipe scrapbook.

You can also take photos of recipes you've written or found in a newspaper and save them to your account. Even better, when you search for a keyword it even searches the words in your saved photos by optical recognition!

I'm pretty chuffed with Evernote right now and I think it's a great (and long-term) solution for the modern day cook. The only thing it lacks is social channels (ie ways to discover new recipes) which I think all the sites you've mentioned are a great compliment for!
Cheazza April 17, 2013
I also love Keep Recipes
jenniebgood April 17, 2013
Another noteworthy site is