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Today: The way to justify snacks for dinner.

Sweet Pea Hummus

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I'd like to say I'm the kind of person who eats three balanced, complete, perfectly-coordinated meals a day: the kind of person who does not remember at 3pm that she hasn't eaten anything all day, and then eats a brownie, and then snacks on crackers until dinner time, and then eats three-person's-worth of Thai food at 11:30pm. And then makes herself an Oreo milkshake before her 3:30am bedtime.

And yet, I did all of that yesterday.

Sure, sometimes I eat like a normal person. And sometimes, I cook like a normal person. But in reality, my life is what I like to euphemistically call a "mezze": a collection of snack-y foodstuffs eaten at odd hours, but a collection eaten happily, with gusto.

Which is how I came up with a mezze dinner party: a dinner party where small things were the main event. A party where your guests could snack freely, wildly, without any pangs of guilt: the kind of party where one never gets bored.

Spicy Shrimp

But instead of Oreo milkshakes, brownies, crackers, and curries, I served the mezze of my dream-life: the salads and dips and spreads and kabobs that color a Middle Eastern-style (ish) dinner. Because if you're snacking for dinner, then you should snack nobly -- with a bunch of friends for company.

The Menu

Sweet Pea Hummus + toasted pita + sliced vegetables
Smoky Fried Chickpeas
Spicy Shrimp
Kefta-Style Meatballs with Grilled Grapes and Yogurt Sauce
Meg's Marinated Mushrooms
Banana Cardamom Milkshake (because I couldn't help myself)

The night before: Whizz up your Sweet Pea Hummus. (Make lots of this -- it will go quickly.) Chop up your accompanying vegetables; I used carrots, endive, radishes, peppers, and cucumbers, but the choice is yours. Drain your chickpeas. Make Meg's Marinated Mushrooms; the flavors are best when melded overnight. 

Meg's Marinated Mushrooms

When you get home from school/work: Whisk together the shrimp marinade, and stick your shrimp in there. Make the yogurt sauce for your meatballs, and mix and shape the meat mixture. When all that's out of the way, fry the chickpeas; you want the smell of the oil to subside before your guests arrive. These will stay good at room temperature, anyway.

Smoky Fried Chickpeas

An hour before your guests arrive: Take out the mushrooms, and let them come to room temperature.

A half hour later: Grill your grapes; set them aside.

Party time. Keep your guests occupied with hummus and chickpeas, and sneak into the kitchen. Grill the shrimp (I used a grill pan), and set them out. Next, move onto the meatballs; since they're so small, they will cook quickly. Enlist a helper to get them onto skewers, and then bring them out while they're hot.

Kefta-Style Meatballs

When all of the food is gone: Make your milkshakes, and bask in the fact it's not 3:30am. Or maybe it is. It was that good of a party.

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Lindsaystark1 April 23, 2013
I'd love to see the marinade recipe for the shrimp but the link doesn't work! :(
Rhia B. May 6, 2013
amysarah April 17, 2013
Maybe it's my short attention span, but this is my favorite way to eat - mezze, tapas, antipasto, ciccheti, dim sum....and related: David Lebovitz's newest blog is about Lebanese Mezze - really interesting:
lloreen April 15, 2013
This is my favorite kind of dinner too! Good plan
Brette W. April 15, 2013
Thank you!
em-i-lis April 15, 2013
I love mezza parties!!! Often my hubby and I make these sorts of "picnics" for weeknight dinners. Wine and a good movie make for a terrific date!
Brette W. April 15, 2013
Sounds amazing.
drbabs April 15, 2013
yum. can i come over?
Brette W. April 15, 2013
Anytime! :)