Test Kitchen Outtakes: Green Things

April 17, 2013

We've seen our first ramps. We've tasted asparagus. We even saw someone wearing shorts outside! We're still celebrating spring's arrival, just like we were last week. In this week's test kitchen, we discussed the ins and outs of artichokes, investigated spring's short-lived alliums, and -- just for good measure -- kept baking. You didn't think we'd leave our flour and our sugar in the pantry just because the thermometer rose above 60, did you? Read on for yesterday's outtakes, and head to our Instagram page for more fun.


Tame your 'chokes. We got a brief artichoke tutorial -- in person and in this article -- and we now feel confident trimming and prepping these thorny signs of spring. Find more tips -- and step-by-step photos -- here

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Allium iacta est. The first new produce we see are the season's beautiful young alliums, like craze-inducing ramps and this charming spring garlic. We can just picture their little greens poking out of cold, lifeless soil and their pink-tinged bulbs coming up from the earth to promise us that, yes, there will be new life after winter. 


Vanilla bean graveyards smell like heaven. Don't throw away your spent vanilla beans! Ever. Stick them into a container of sugar, as Amanda has done here, and you'll have fragrant vanilla sugar. Even if you don't bake with it (you're crazy if you don't), a whiff of this can turn your mood around. It's our version of aromatherapy. 

How have you been celebrating the turn of the seasons? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by: Marian Bull