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Announcing Provisions by Food52

April 30, 2013

Food52 is launching a whole new kind of home-and-kitchen shop. Read on for details -- and a $10 credit on your first purchase!

For over three years, we've worked to make Food52 a thriving community and a valuable resource for home cooks everywhere. We've celebrated your best recipes, shared essential cooking tips, and brought you our favorite products through the Food52 Shop. But we want to bring you more. We want to do more to make your kitchens elegant, efficient, and inviting. So we're giving our shop a makeover.

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We're very excited to announce that our new kitchen and home shop, Provisions, is coming soon! Provisions will be the first kitchen-and-home shop to offer the very best rolling pin along with a great peach pie recipe, or a handsome butter dish and a how-to on making your own butter. In other words, it's the shop of our dreams.




We're still putting the finishing touches on our first collections, but we couldn't wait to share the good news. So we've launched a sign-up page to give you a sneak peek at what's to come. The best part about all of this? Sign up for our mailing list, and you'll get $10 off of your first purchase.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking down our existing shop until Provisions officially launches -- think of our sign-up page as a really pretty, temporary wall in front of a construction zone. But don't worry, we'll be making up for it by running some very exciting giveaways -- so stay tuned! And be sure to share the good news with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. We can't wait to show you what's in store.

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    Alexandra G
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Alexandra G. May 1, 2013
So exciting! I think I spend most if not all of my extra income on kitchenware ;)
monkeymom May 1, 2013
I want those blue canning jars...
LauriL May 1, 2013
Love the name! Brings to me memories of happy times gathering food items for family boating trips, camping trips, and kitchen fun with my daughter!!
musicferret April 30, 2013
Canada is A MUST. We have more disposable income than those in the USA on average as well! PLEASE!
Amanda H. May 1, 2013
Well, ok then! Like your spirit! We'll do our best and keep you posted.
Looking forward to the new shop. I must add my voice asking you to please consider shipping to Canada! So happy to see all of the Canadian food52ers. :)
Panfusine April 30, 2013
love the concept and the name, harks back to childhood when we used to get our staples like rice, wheat, sugar etc from the 'provision stores'
chantalemarie April 30, 2013
Hi, Love the site! Will you ship to Canada?
Kenzi W. April 30, 2013
Not right at first, but we're definitely considering it! Stay tuned.