Test Kitchen Outtakes: Barbecue and Babies

May 22, 2013

It's Grilling Week on Food52, and we're charring everything in sight. At this week's photo shoot, we tested enough recipes from our latest barbecue contest to feed a small army of meat lovers (if only we had had some beers to wash everything down!), and you'll want to stay tuned for the results. Baby Clara also paid us a visit, so we naturally dropped everything to ooh and ahh and Instagram. Below are some of our favorite moments from our day in the test kitchen -- remember to follow us on Instagram for more!


Before things got too busy, James took a moment to relax and catch up on some light reading. As Amanda's daughter, Addie, loves to say, "Why isn't James working?" (Hey James, can we ask you a question? Do you like luxury?)

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And then Clara arrived. Here's what happens when Clara visits the test kitchen: we drop everything we're doing to coo and ooh and ahh over her, and then we all Instagram feverishly. Clara eats, looks adorable, and smiles. She's even walking now -- and look how much she resembles her mother! 


Here's the other side of that picture. Like we said: admiration and Instagram. And lots of funny faces (look at James'!).


Okay, back to business: this grill did a whole lot of work yesterday. We didn't start the fire, but Will did -- and throughout the day, he and Jennifer orchestrated the grilling of a whole lot of meat. Stay tuned for our next round of community picks this week, just in time for Memorial Day -- now where are those beers?

Tell us: what will you be grilling this weekend?

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull