Not Derby Pie

April 21, 2010

Not Derby Pie is food52 user Rivka Friedman’s three-year-old blog, and her relief from a busy job as a Washington, D.C.-based healthcare consultant. Food is, she says, her hobby and her one love. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay the bills.

Friedman, an accomplished photographer, is also a skilled tinkerer and fearless improviser. She learned to love food and cook at her mother’s side and is as interested in the process of cooking as she is in making dinner by following a recipe. In fact, Friedman makes a good case against recipes: "The idea that we live and die by them is passé,” she says. She will admit that certain recipes, such as those written by baker Alice Medrich, are almost always perfect, but says that most of the time she eyeballs measurements, tastes as she goes and adjusts ingredients until she’s satisfied.

Friedman hopes to pass on this fearlessness to her readers: "I'd rather suffer the occasional bust than feel wedded to what's written. This whole making-stuff-and-eating-it-thing is supposed to be fun." It definitely is, especially with her Cheesy Scones with Ramps, adapted from Karen DeMasco or her garlicky Caesar Salad from The New Best Recipe. Maybe the best example of how delicious improvisation can be? Friedman's tossed together and super-seasonal Simplest Asparagus with Fresh Peas.

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HaikuTofu April 26, 2010
I love NDP- it's one of the most gorgeous blogs ever.
testkitchenette April 23, 2010
Great blog and congrats! From a quick look, your cookie recipes are divine!
monkeymom April 22, 2010
Rivka, we love your broccoli slaw. Looking forward to checking out your blog!
gluttonforlife April 21, 2010
Congrats! Your blog is lovely and beautifully put together.
Lizthechef April 21, 2010
So happy to have discovered you, your blog and am now following you on twitter :)
Rivka April 21, 2010
shucks! thanks Lizthechef!
MrsWheelbarrow April 21, 2010
Rivka, I'm so glad you've recieved this lovely recognition. Your blog has been an inspiration to me so many times . In fact, just last night, I made your ramp and cheddar scones and all I can say is YUM!
Rivka April 21, 2010
I'm very touched, and of course very honored!
WinnieAb April 21, 2010
Not Derby Pie is one of my absolute favorites! Love Rivka's recipes, photos...everything!
arielleclementine April 21, 2010
yes! a terrific blog! and rivka's smothered cabbage risotto has become my absolute favorite risotto recipe- it is truly wonderful.
Rivka April 21, 2010
thanks drbabs! It's a labor of love.
drbabs April 21, 2010
I love your blog.
lastnightsdinner April 21, 2010
There are so many great blogs I've been missing, but have found thanks to food52, and this is another one. Congrats, Rivka - sounds like we've got similar styles in the kitchen :)
Rivka April 21, 2010
Thanks, A&M and team! Honored to be featured here.