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Peas in Mint Cream

April 23, 2010

This week, A&M are joined by special guest Cathy Erway, creator of the blog Not Eating Out in New York. Together, they make Peas in Mint Cream by poorgirlgourmet and discuss Cathy's new garden project on the roof of the Six Point Craft Ales Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn (kegs as garden beds: genius!). Amanda, ever the reporter, asks Cathy a series of hard-hitting questions like "Do you like peas and mint?" and "Do you like scalding?" and Cathy graciously and thoughtfully responds.

Get more of the lovely Cathy Erway at noteatingoutinny.com, on Twitter @cathyerway, in her book The Art of Eating In and on her radio show Let's Eat In (Mondays at 1pm ET on the Heritage Radio Network).

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poorgirlgourmet April 25, 2010
Wow - so much fun to watch you ladies make this. Thank you!
aargersi April 23, 2010
Great video as always and we would like more rooftop garden info as well as photos please! This is a request line, right? :-)