Our Latest Contest: Your Best Road Trip Snack

June 10, 2013

Pack your bags and hit the open road: you're going on a road trip. Dust off old maps, throw on a pair of huge sunglasses, and head toward sunny beaches, grassy fields of wildflowers, or mountainside lakes. 

While we love beautiful destinations and everything, if we're being completely honest with ourselves, the food we eat along the way is as important as the destination itself. This summer, we want your best recipes to munch on while traveling -- so long as they're portable and can be eaten on the go, bring 'em on. Happy travels! 

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cheese1227 June 10, 2013
What a fun idea!
MrsMehitabel June 10, 2013
I have a solid "best road trip snack" ensemble, but there are no recipes involved. I always take ice cold sweet pepper spears, a container of labneh, a baguette, and some wafer cookies- the kind with layers of wafers with hazelnut filing or whatever. Bottled water is the drink of choice. Sometimes we do celery also. Sometimes salumi to go with the labneh and baguette. Sometimes tapenade or nutella, and sometimes fruit of some kind. This is our standard road trip fare- we never get tired of it.