Test Kitchen Outtakes: Berries and Pie and the Fourth of July

June 26, 2013

Grab your flags, fire up your grill, and start hoarding berries: Fourth of July is on its way.

As always, our test kitchen team is here for you, hand-picking the perfect pie recipe, offering you every kind of ice cream imaginable, and providing a refresher course on strawberry hulling. Before you plan next week's festivities, take heed of our essential Fourth of July tips, as told through Instagram:

Slab Pie

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The first rule of slab pie: you get to be as meticulous with it as you want to be. Some people like to measure their slices. Some people like to attack the unsliced pie with forks and knives, descending like a wake of vultures. You do you. 


Hulling strawberries is easy. Here's how to do it. Now go stuff some into your slab pie.

Watermelon Snacks

Always remember that watermelon makes the perfect snack. Or breakfast. Or dessert. Hey, it's summer -- you make the rules.

Tell us: what are your rules for Fourth of July? 

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Written by: Marian Bull



AntoniaJames July 2, 2013
Okay, I must comment on the video about hulling strawberries. If you have unripe ones, with the hard white core in the center as shown, and you are making strawberry jam, do not remove the white part. That unripe portion has an extra dose of pectin in it, which helps the jam set better. This is a time when a single purpose tool -- the little metal huller that pinches off the stem -- is a good idea. (They cost a few dollars and take up almost no room, so I make an exception for them.) ;o)
mhgoblue July 6, 2013
Thank you for that advice, AntoniaJames. I'm about to make my first ever batch of strawberry jam and I wouldn't have known that.