Homemade Burger Buns

July  2, 2013

It's always more fun to DIY. Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home.

Today: Kelly Senyei of Just a Taste shares a recipe for homemade burger buns -- and a clever trick for proofing them.

Homemade Burger Buns

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The proper burger bun plays a supporting role to the perfect patty. It’s present but not overpowering, complementary but not controlling. Much like the ideal clutch, it’s capable of carrying the essentials without distracting from the overall outfit. So when it comes time to dress up my burgers, I skip the store-bought varieties and bake up these homemade Parmesan hamburger buns instead. 

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This recipe originated from King Arthur Flour’s no-knead burger buns, one of my all-time favorite takes on DIY dough. The simple yeasted dough is proofed twice for extra-tender results, but I use a trick my mom taught me to get the dough to rise in half the time: transform your dryer into the ultimate proofing box. Simply run your dryer (free of clothes) for a few minutes, turn it off, and then stash the covered dough inside and close the door. The dryer provides a warm, dark environment perfect for doubling the size of your dough. A final egg white wash creates a vibrant sheen atop the sesame-studded golden brown crowns.

Burgers with homemade buns

Easy Homemade Parmesan Hamburger Buns

Makes 6 buns

For the buns

2 3/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 tablespoon sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
1 large egg
2/3 to 3/4 cups lukewarm water
Vegetable oil, for greasing

For the topping

1 large egg white
2 teaspoons sesame seeds


Combine all of the ingredients for the buns in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment. Beat the ingredients at high speed for 2 minutes until they begin to come together around the dough hook. Gather the dough into a ball and transfer to a greased bowl, allowing it to rise for 60 to 90 minutes in a warm, dark place -- like your dryer! -- until visibly puffed.

Burger Buns Proofing in the Dryer

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Gently deflate the dough and divide it into 6 equal pieces for regular-sized buns or 12 equal pieces for slider-sized buns. Shape them into balls, tucking the edges under to make smooth tops, and then place them on the baking sheet, spacing them apart so they don't touch. Cover the baking sheet with plastic wrap and let the dough rise for an additional 60 to 90 minutes (I put them back in the warm dryer) until the buns are noticeably puffy. 


Preheat your oven to 350° F, and then apply an egg wash and a dusting of sesame seeds if you like. Bake the buns for 20 minutes, or until they're a light, golden brown. Let them cool completely before slicing. Then fire up your grill!

Buns, Done

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photos by Kelly Senyei

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Miles May 6, 2014
I have been looking for the "perfect" home-made hamburger bun recipe - this looks promising - question - can I use a bread machine using the dough only cycle and keep the knead time as short as you say? Thanks!
Maria May 2, 2014
Hello Daria
Would like to also make hotdogs bun.
From Maria
Daria H. July 6, 2013
Made these today! Turned out beautiful! Next time, might try a different flavor, like crushed garlic cloves and dry oregano mixed in w/dough. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
KellySenyei July 7, 2013
I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe, Daria!
Dima H. July 4, 2013
Ok so I would never consider making my own burger buns, but your recipe looks very easy, so I have 3 questions: 1- can I omit the cheese and onion powder from the buns, as i want the meat to shine. 2- Is there a particular way to form the balls, to ensure they are fluffy from the inside? 3- I don't have a dough hook, can i knead them like i would for a pizza dough or pita bread (arabic bread)?
KellySenyei July 6, 2013
Hi Dima! Yes, you can omit the cheese and onion powder, however they provide a very subtle flavor enhancement. The dough will remain fluffy as long as you don't roll it too much, and I would recommend kneading them as little as possible to avoid making them too tough. Hope this helps!
Kenzi W. July 2, 2013
I'd consider squeezing a dryer into my tiny apartment for this.
HalfPint July 2, 2013
OMG. I'm going to need to use my dryer as a proofing oven now.

What is the texture of these buns?
KellySenyei July 3, 2013
Yes, the dryer works like a dream! The texture of the buns is very soft and doughy -- ideal for hamburgers. Enjoy!
HalfPint July 3, 2013
Perfect. Thank you.