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Test Kitchen Outtakes: Back to (Elementary) School

July  3, 2013

While we all take our jobs very seriously here at Food52, we still like to keep things exciting -- and keep ourselves young. The test kitchen this week felt a bit like school. Not college school. Or high school school. It felt like elementary school. Take a look at our day -- and as always, follow us on Instagram for more!

We did arts and crafts. First there were stacked sugars and spices for an ingredient shot, also known as sand art.

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Then there was a brownie debate -- are you an edge person or a middle person? -- also known as drawing.

Snack time was next, to give us some fuel. Cherries came first.

(And then there was this.)

Finally came nap time, because all that hard work wears us out.

Tell us: are you an edge brownie person or a middle brownie person? And more importantly: have you tried cookie cereal yet?

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  • Tammi V.V.
    Tammi V.V.
  • Pegeen
  • frecklywench
  • Emma Wartzman
    Emma Wartzman
Emma Wartzman

Written by: Emma Wartzman


Tammi V. July 4, 2013
Edge, definitely. I even own the pan in the drawing
Pegeen July 3, 2013
Awww... what an adorable doggy. Is that the Food52 mascot? Brownies - edge!
frecklywench July 3, 2013
That cookie video actually made my mouth water.
Emma W. July 4, 2013
It's the greatest idea