Feast Your Eyes: Apricot Jam

August  9, 2013

Each week, we'll be scanning through recipes for exceptional photos from our community, and sharing our favorites.

Today: An apricot jam this colorful deserves to stand on its own. 

Apricot Jam from Food52

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Sometimes a color is so vibrant, it speaks for itself. That's exactly the case with's Apricot Jam. It's golden and sunshiney -- the essence of summertime, no frills necessary. All it takes is a white background, a glass jar, and a delicate serving knife to show off the jam's pure brightness. 

And gorgeous jam comes from gorgeous fruit. With a little help from light and shadow, literally highlights the heart-shaped, soft-yellow apricots. They're so beautiful we want to pick one up and sink our teeth in -- but we wouldn't dare ruin this perfectly minimalist shot. 

Apricot Jam from Food52

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Sarah Jampel

Written by: Sarah Jampel

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dawn S. August 10, 2013
I made my own recently and there is nothing to compare to that color...except perhaps the crescent tartlets I made from our own apricots...yummmm