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It's a Canvolution!

August 24, 2009

Canning Across America

One of our first and most enthusiastic users,seattlebonvivant, recently told us about a project that she and some friends have set in motion. It's called Canning Across America (or CAA), and it's a national collective which aims to "promote safe food preservation and the joys of community building through food." We hope you'll pay a visit to their informative website, and then submit a recipe or check out the entries for this week's preserves contest. We also highly recommend  seattlebonvivant's Twiitter stream, in our opinion an exceptional food journal.

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    Kelsey Banfield
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VivianBoroff August 30, 2009
I am a big fan of the Canvolution. I am very much a beginner when it comes to canning and so many have given me encouragement and advice. Such a great movement and I encourage those who are interested to check out their site and participate.
Kelsey B. August 24, 2009
I LOVE the Canvolution website since I am such an avid canner/preserver, etc. Great shout-out to them!