A Vacation-Worthy Lunch

August 30, 2013

Every week we take a peek inside the lunches of the luckiest kids in Brooklyn. Read on, suppress your jealousy, and get a little brown bag inspiration. 

Amanda's Kids' Lunch from Food52

We're on vacation in Wainscott, NY, this week, so lunch is a bit more free-form, and is often cobbled together with leftovers, farm stand produce, and bread from Breadzilla, my favorite bakery out here. On Breadzilla's honey whole wheat bread, I piled oven-fried chicken, torn into pieces, and toppings from taco night: cilantro and pickled onions. With these hearty sandwiches, I served our kids big bowls of the ideal child's salad: cherry tomato and watermelon salad with basil. It's sweet and juicy, and not at all an eat-your-vegetables side dish. (The pig cutting board, though an accessory to the lunch, was a welcome detail.) 

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lunalovegood September 1, 2013
This is brilliant! That salad looks amazing- definitely not an eat-your-vegetables side dish :)