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Too Many Cooks: Vacation Edition

September  6, 2013

You'll be hearing from the staff at Food52 every week in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.

Lobster at Food52

In August, we all caught the travel bug and skipped town, and it was perfect. Now that we're back at our desks, we can't stop thinking about the things we ate in the far off corners of the world -- some of us misty-eyed and longing for marshmallows-gone-by, and others with a healthy sense of carnivorous shame. So, what we really want to know this week is:

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What did you eat on vacation this summer, and where?

Did you eat eat lobster rolls in Maine? Freshly picked blackberries in Indiana? Corn on the cob with chili and lime in LA? Tell us in the comments!

Marian: I ate an entire pizza at Delancey and it was perfect. I was just sad I didn't have room for a second.

Lauren: Lobster broth and clam risotto. I want more right this minute.

Christina: Wine counts as a food, right? If not, I'll go with the insane Craftsman and Wolves soft-boiled egg in a sausage cheddar chive muffin.

Too Many Cooks from Food52 Too Many Cooks from Food52

Bryce: My very favorite burrito in the entire world from a little cash-only spot called Johnny Mañana's two blocks from the beach in my hometown, Oceanside, CA. The #40 Carne Asada burrito with guacamole. It was, as always, amazing.

Karl: I had an amazing crab sandwich on the coast of Oregon at Bandon Fish Market.

Hannah: The peach-raspberry coffee cake that I ate on the 4-hour drive to buy my bodyweight in this fudge.

Too Many Cooks from Food52 Too Many Cooks from Food52

Allison: A lobster roll from Surf Lodge in Montauk. Delish.

Kenzi: The Marcella sauce and Sfoglini pasta I made while Eric started a fire at our campsite in the middle of Fundy National Park's woods. Can I go back now?

Too Many Cooks from Food52

Merrill: A fried haddock sandwich on a buttered, griddled bun with plenty of tartar sauce from this place in Yarmouth, ME.

Maddy: Beers and sausages (especially the chicken with bell pepper) from our new local butcher, Dittmer's, because it was the first meal we made at our new house in California. Pretty much everything tastes good after days of unpacking, though!

Bea: Shrimp Bahn Mi and a Lobster Roll from The Canteen in Provincetown, MA while on the boardwalk watching a dog fetch a ball in the ocean!

Too Many Cooks from Food52

Elana: Macro Mama's Chili Lime Peanut Noodles from their stand at the Ithaca Farmers Market. I was dreaming of these the entire ride up!

Jen: Fresh figs, mountain honey, and Greek yogurt in Crete. Also, every baklava in Istanbul, ever.

Ryan: The rainbow trout I caught (and then grilled) on the Sacramento river while fly fishing with my grandfather.

Too Many Cooks from Food52

Stephanie: BLTs with brown butter. Toasted marshmallows over a fire in Sauble Falls Provincial Park.

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Lindsay: Saffron golden raspberry frozen yogurt. (I hid it really well in the freezer so there would still be some left to eat this week. Shhh.)

Too Many Cooks from Food52

Brette: I had scallops with brown butter and black truffle at Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm that may have been the best thing I've eaten in my entire life.

Gabriella: I picked all these vegetables and finally made Alice Waters' ratatouille from my summer foods bucket list.

Too Many Cooks from Food52

Kristen: Everything at Joe Beef was a dark, fatty, beautiful dream, but the big shock of the night was how much of their foie gras Double Down I put away. You can see a really bad photo and a description of the shame inside here (NSFW).

Amanda: We ate at home or in other people's homes all vacation, so I have no interesting restaurant finds, and sadly no foie gras explosions to report on. But I did have some great home cooking, like a fresh fig and almond cake at a friend's house in Bridgehampton, and corn pudding at another dinner party in Wainscott. Alas, I came home without recipes! #failedblogger

Tell us: What did you eat on your summer travels?

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KirstenS September 8, 2013
Since I live alone I love vacation for getting to cook for a crowd. I loved the fresh local swordfish I grilled on our family vacation in Corolla, NC, in August, but the bulgogi feast that my Korean cousin made over two days may have won the prize!
Emma W. September 6, 2013
I am jealous of every single one of you.