Mark Your Calendars: Electrolux Hosts a Live-Stream Cook-Off, Your Dishes Star

October  4, 2013

Have your dishes star in a live-stream cook-off, watch A&M emcee, win a cooktop. Sound like a pretty good Wednesday afternoon to you? Read on for the details.

Remember how we told you that if you enter our latest contest, your dish is this close from being famous? Let's talk about that.

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The top dishes from Your Most Impressive Dinner Party Side will have the chance to star in a live-stream cook-off. This is how it will all go down: On November 6th at 1 PM EST, Electrolux will host a cook-off in which friends of Food52 will cook your top dishes on three different cooktops. Amanda and Merrill will emcee the event, offer witty banter and astute commentary. Electrolux may or may not be giving away another cooktop to a lucky viewer. And you'll get to tune in and watch it all happen.

Which means, you have two things to do: Mark your calendars, and submit the best recipes you have up your sleeves! We can't wait to start cooking. 



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marialissio November 7, 2013
The video has been removed. Meant to look at it a few hours ago but could to. Just logged on. It's gone. Any chance it can be retained for those of us who missed it?
dymnyno October 5, 2013
Will the live stream be on Food52? You will need to tell this tech no nerd how to tune in. I love watching you two team up!
laurenlocally October 9, 2013
Hi Dymnyno, It will be on Food52! We promise to make it VERY easy to tune-in and hope you will mark your calendar.
AntoniaJames October 4, 2013
I'll so enjoy seeing the A&M video duo at work again. That will be such a treat. ;o)
Marisa R. October 4, 2013
wow can't wait!
Kitchen B. October 4, 2013
The blue mason jars make ALL the difference. Only if I could find them in cobalt!
Kitchen B. October 4, 2013
The iconic Provisions wall of fame. Love the photo. Need to come to NYC for more inspiration - you both look superb.
Savannah N. October 4, 2013
Can't wait!! I would LOVE to see more videos from you two. I'm still learning to cook and it would be nice to watch the pros.
ChefJune October 4, 2013
What fun!
aargersi October 4, 2013
Wow, Clara has gotten super tall! Oh wait, that's Merrill :-)
creamtea October 4, 2013
mrslarkin October 4, 2013
haha. i thought the same exact thing.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 4, 2013
great picture!