A Day in the Life with Amanda and Merrill

October 10, 2013

Amanda and Merrill  Amanda and Merrill

This week, Lara from Wander hung out with Amanda and Merrill to document what a day in their lives looks like. Our fearless leaders attended meetings, stocked up on toothpaste, and scoped out new spaces for a few upcoming projects. Back at the office, we made a lot of soup. Theirs is now the latest installment of Wander's very cool Days in the Life project, where photographers document the daily lives of a variety of movers and shakers using the new Days app.

Pick up the Days app -- a vidual diary of sorts -- here, and see Amanda and Merrill's full day about town here.

Photos by Lara Speier

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laurenlocally October 10, 2013
I adore this! Particularly Merrill's correspondence shot and Amanda & family at night.