10 Reasons It's Better with (Brown) Butter

February  2, 2015

Mo' butta', mo' betta': You can't go wrong with butter, and plenty of it. Here's a replay of recipes that use butter in a very good way -- browned.

Everyone knows that butter is pretty much the world’s perfect food. Butter makes everything better: Cakes are more tender, sauces become richer, meat seems juicier, the sky is bluer....

There is more to butter, however, than that familiar yellow block we all know and love. Brown butter (or beurre noisette if you are feeling fancy) deserves a place in every cook’s repertoire, especially during fall and winter. With its nutty aroma and flavor, brown butter adds complexity to pretty much any dish, from vegetables to dessert. All you need is a good pan and a few minutes at the stove. Think outside the one-pound box of butter in your fridge with these delicious recipes, and enjoy butter -- all grown up. 

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Walnut Sage Financiers by sugarmountaintreats


Thomas Keller's Butternut Soup with Brown Butter, Sage, and Nutmeg Crème Fraîche by Genius Recipes 


Brown Butter Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Arugula and Bacon by emilyc

Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes


Weeknight Pasta with Caramelized Cabbage, Sage-Infused Brown Butter and Walnuts by cookinginvictoria

Pasta with Caramelized Cabbage


Paule Caillet's Brown Butter Tart Crust by Genius Recipes

Brown Butter Tart Crust


Walnut Sage Scones with Brown Butter Maple Glaze by MGrace

Walnut Sage Scones


Brown Butter Candied Apple Clafoutis by Amanda Hesser

Apple Clafoutis


Brown Butter Spiced Ale by sdebrango

Spiced Ale


Caramel Rice Pudding with Brown Butter and Crème Fraîche by Merrill Stubbs

Caramel Rice Pudding


Brown Butter Cupcake Brownies by Phyllis Grant

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Ellie@Fit F. October 18, 2013
Droooooling here almost literally! I've been sooo so curious about brown butter but never made time to cook with it, and I don't think I've tried it at a restaurant either. But after this post I'm looking forward to my first brown butter experience. :) Ps: Never thought about adding that to savory dishes since it seems much more common in desserts.
Rebecca @. February 3, 2015
Ellie try it with some butternut squash raviolis in a browned butter sage sauce with some crispy fried sage. Life changing :)
Ellie B. February 3, 2015
*grabs throat in desperation* Aahhhh!!! That just sounds magical! I'm kind of in love with butter these days, so....;) Thank you for the suggestion!
Rebecca @. February 3, 2015
Haha of course! It's one of my favorite dishes :)
mungo October 18, 2013
Ha! I was just thinking today that the best way to rev up my yeasted waffle recipe would be to brown the butter first.