The Third Annual Food52 Holiday Secret Swap

November 12, 2013

caramels from food2 jars from food25

Can you believe it? Another year has flown by and the holidays are just around the corner which means...drum roll's time for the third annual Food52 Holiday Secret Swap!

This event is our very own Food52 goodies swap (think: non-denominational Secret Santa) where Food52 users from around the country (and around the world!) send packages of baked goods, preserves, candies, and any other creative things they can come up with to another Food52er. It's our way to spread some holiday cheer to other people in this wonderful community. 

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Last year was a great success with over 130 participants from all over the globe, and hopefully this year will be even bigger! If you're interested in participating again this year, sign up here by November 24th and be prepared to ship by December 16th. Check out our Tumblr to see some of the creative, generous and festive packages from last year.

And this year, all participants will receive a promo code for 10% discount in Provisions!

I look forward to another successful year!

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  • Milehighlori
  • enbe
  • jaders
  • Francesca Murphy
    Francesca Murphy
  • Kristen Miglore
    Kristen Miglore
Lover of cooking, baking, and all things involving tater tots. Organizer of the Food52 Holiday Swap.


Milehighlori December 2, 2013
I received my swapee's name earlier today. I think I'm more excited about the giving than the receiving.
enbe December 3, 2013
Great! And I agree, that's the best part!
enbe December 2, 2013
Hi All! Please check your spam folders and make sure that [email protected] is on your accepted emails list or whatnot. If you haven't gotten your swap yet, email me at that address and I'll resend directly to you.
jaders December 2, 2013
I still havent gotten my message and i signed up before the deadline - HELP!
Francesca M. December 2, 2013
Me neither, and I have to ship internationally. I don't know what we are supposed to do to find out.
enbe December 2, 2013
The international swap matches went out early last week so please email me directly at [email protected] and check your spam folders and I'll resend your swap matches.
Francesca M. December 2, 2013
Thank you, Enbe. I just emailed you.
Francesca M. November 28, 2013
When will we find out who our swappees are?
Smelky December 1, 2013
I'm also wondering if there are guidelines, and when we will we find out who we swap with?!?!
Kristen M. November 17, 2013
Yay, enbe! Thank you for spear-heading and organizing this amazing event for the third year in a row.
mcs3000 November 16, 2013
Count me in. Two years ago participated. @dymnyno sent me the reddest package w/her family wine!
foxeslovelemons November 14, 2013
I can't wait for this! Need to start thinking about what I'll send. Hmmmm.....
sel E. November 13, 2013
I'm in Singapore and would love to participate. Are there any restrictions on the kinds of food I can ship to N. America (or anywhere else for that matter)?
Franziska November 13, 2013
It really depends on the country you will be sending things to. For example, when I lived in the US, my friends did send me homemade goods and it came through the mail alright (I also had a bit of a google, and it seems that only businesses that send food would have to submit specific customs forms) but of course you always have to take into consideration that a parcel may sit in customs for a bit longer, so send stuff that will last a long while.
As for other countries, I know that for example Australia has rather strict regulations on food coming in from abroad. It is fine to send (if correctly declared) food that has been 'processed' so for example store bought cookies/chocolates that are in sealed packaging, however, I am pretty sure you may not send homemade goods. Depending on which country you'll be sending things to, it is good to do some research beforehand!
sel E. November 13, 2013
Thanks Franziska for being so thorough. I was thinking of several handmade goodies but now I guess I'll just have to wait and see who my swapee is.
Franziska November 15, 2013
No worries! :)
QueenSashy November 12, 2013
My first swap and I am super excited!
Francesca M. November 12, 2013
I just signed up for my first Food52 swap! Are there rough guidelines for the $ value of gifts? I only participated in a secret swap years ago (a knitting thing) and we were given very strict guidelines for that. Just wondering. :)
enbe November 12, 2013
And this is always a tricky question since home cooking is both priceless and hard to put a price on but in the past, the standard has been to send along enough for a family/household to enjoy and something that you feel comfortable sending (and something you would be excited to receive). In the past it has seemed to work out pretty well (check the tumblr for the range of packages). Hope that helps!
Maria November 12, 2013
Just signed up, I'm really excited!
Franziska November 12, 2013
So excited about this! Can't wait to see who will be my swapee!