8 Holiday Cooking Apps

December  6, 2013

With the Holiday season comes a rush for the latest toys and gadgets. Why should those under the age of 12 have all the fun? Apps on our phones and tablets might not have the same stained, ribbon-marked pages -- but they are certainly handy.

There's a new app out every day, so we're rounding a few of our favorites to help stay on top of the parties and dinners you plan on hosting this holiday season.

Technology is on Your Side

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1. Dirty Kitchen Timer is an iPad app that gets us, and the fact that we most likely have five different dishes on the stove at once. By simply entering the time and location of the pot on your stove or oven, the app ensures that a delicate soufflé and or holiday roast get their right amount of cooking time

2. Turn to Martha Stewart Makes Cookies for cookie tin inspiration. Complete with a spinning wheel of endless cookie possibilities, Martha's app offers recipes, instructions and help organizing your shopping lists. 

Holiday Cooking Apps on Food52

3. Healthy Desserts is the latest app from the bloggers at Green Kitchen Stories; its beautiful pictures you are used to paired with sortable, authentically-sweetened recipes. Don't focus long on the 'Healthy' label -- these recipes are tasty.

Holiday Cooking Apps on Food52
4. Substitutions is a no fuss, easy-to-use app that will help you deal with scenarios like not having buttermilk handy when a recipe calls for it -- or how to veganize dishes in a pinch. It will give you alternatives to every thing from spices to rare cheese varieties.

Now, for the booze:

5. Delectable Wine allows you to identify wines with the snap of a picture. That means you can remember all those interesting bottles you come across at parties, and there's a social tie-in so you can help your friends remember and see what they are drinking as well.

Holiday Apps on Food52

6. Bartender's Choice, from the bartenders behind New York City's Milk and Honey, elevates the at-home bartender in you. Using the app you can choose recipes using spirits, drink styles or even sensation. If you really don't feel like bartending, just order a robot bartender to take the job off your hands. 

Gift-Worthy Apps

7. Panna is a video cooking magazine, which could make a great gift for the right digitally savvy recipient. Featuring renowned chefs and food writers, you can even "Ask the chef" if you have specific questions about recipes.

8. For that very special cooking obsessed person on your list. With over 400 recipes, Modernist Cuisine at Home's app has the awe astounding photography from the book, plus technique and recipes. For the less digitally-savvy, we have an analog version over in Provisions.

Holiday Cooking Apps on Food52

And, of course, we can't forget our very own Food52 Holiday Recipe & Party Planning Guide

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