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How to Make Perfect Cut Out Cookies

December 10, 2013

Stop us if you're heard this one before. You make a beautiful batch of buttery cookie dough, just begging to be turned into sprinkle-studded stars and red-nosed Rudolphs and maybe the odd dinosaur or two. You dutifully flour your surface, roll out the dough, and cut, cut, cut away. It's like a delicous, reverse puzzle, but just when you're starting to get in the holiday spirit...

...All hell breaks loose. Your cookies lose their crisp shape, they break, or they stick to the baking sheet. In the end you're stuck with an indeterminate -- albeit scrumptious -- cookie mess. 

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Not this year! In this video Merrill demonstrates all the tricks you need to be the master of your cut out cookies. You now have a blank canvas for your next cookie decorating party, as well as edible and customizable gifts for the holidays. So get rolling!

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Video by Kyle Orosz


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AntoniaJames December 11, 2013
Merrill, this is just wonderful. How very helpful to have all the advice one truly needs for successful cutout cookies, in one place. Thank you. ;o)