Not-So-Scary Caramel

December 13, 2013

On Monday, we announced a new partnership with Panna, a subscription cooking app and website dedicated to sharing recipes from master chefs in HD video -- and we previewed our first video with them, in which Merrill made Midge's Burnt Caramel Pudding

Today, we're sharing more bonus footage: Merrill shows us how to easily make caramel at home.

Interested to see the whole pudding recipe come together? Watch the full-length video on Panna's website. And check out Merrill's two other tip videos on separating eggs and infusing cream with a vanilla bean.

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Panna uncovers the nuances of cooking like a pro by showing every insider detail, from how to handle ingredients to the precise moment when a browning tart should be pulled from the oven.

The experience of watching exceptional recipes unfold in HD yields exciting results for any level. Try their free issue now.

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    Kristen Miglore

Written by: CookLikeMad

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twosavoie December 14, 2013
Thank you for this video. I've been a subscriber to Panna since it first arrived and enjoy the app very much. Would you mind telling me what you cooked this on? A portable induction burner perhaps? Was the metal disk a way of using the copper pan? Which brands do you use? Are they available at Provisions? Thanks for your time.
Kristen M. December 15, 2013
Yes, good eye! The Panna team brought a portable induction burner for the video shoot, and we used an adapter, since that copper pot doesn't work directly on induction. I think this is the brand we have: http://www.amazon.com/Max-Burton-6010-Induction-Heat-Proof/dp/B00213L3PK?tag=food52-20 (Maybe someday soon we'll sell them in Provisions too!)
twosavoie December 17, 2013