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DIY Rosemary Gift Tags

December 18, 2013

Every other week, Anna Hezel talks about the innovations, decorations, and other quiet touches that make a party memorable.

Today: How to liven up monochromatic gift wrap with a sprig of something green.


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Since my holiday gift wrap of choice always tends to be a monochromatic array of takeout boxes, natural brown wrapping paper, and simple jars, I'm always searching for a small touch to add to packages for a glimpse of color. I love the idea of using greenery, but not if it means that my gifts will leave an unwanted trail of crumbling pine needles.

 This year, I decided to craft my own evergreens that would truly stay forever green and intact. With some good paper and a few minutes of cutting, I had a pile of bright sprigs to tuck into bows and attach to cards -- especially perfect packaging for the rosemary candied walnuts that I made this year.

These could act as gift tags on their own, but they also look great as an accompaniment to a small card. You can glue several together into a chain to wrap around your gift or gather a few into a little bundle to tie onto the gift with a ribbon.


- scissors
- parchment paper
- some sturdy green paper
- a pen

To begin, either trace the outline above off the screen and onto some parchment paper or trace an actual sprig of rosemary.

Cut out your parchment paper template, and use this to trace several duplicates onto your sturdier green paper. Cut out the sprig shapes, and curl them gently around a pen or pencil to give them a natural-looking curve. Either gather three into a small bunch, gluing the stems together, or use them individually to tuck into bows.

 Photos by Anna Hezel

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