Your Photos: The Greatest 'Grams of 2013

January  2, 2014

Disclaimer: Do not read this post if you are even the slightest bit hungry or nostalgic. These photos are going to make you crave the juicy watermelon of July, the pumpkin waffles of October, and the pecan pies of Thanksgiving. That's because this week, we're paying tribute to (some of) the best Instagrams of 2013. 

Take a look and remember all of the smells and tastes of 2013. Then get ready to do it all over again -- and maybe even bigger and better -- in 2014.

The photos that have us dreaming of summertime:

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  modernfarmette and topwithcinnamon

The photos that remind us why breakfast is the most important meal:

  theghostonmyback and pissinginthepunchbowl

The photos that make us look foward to next year's holiday season:

  linda_lomelino and yossyarefi

The photos that make us want to eat more vegetables: 

  jodiwhatscookin and careynotcarrie

The photos that activate our sweet tooth:

  joythebaker and alice_gao

The photos that pay tribute to the glorious egg:

   ahezel and aprilflores

The photos that just scream, "butter, glorious butter!":

  pastryaffair and thejoyofcooking

The photos that aren't all about food (because we love drinks, too):

 honestlyyum and clarapersis

The photos that make us want to live abroad: 

  katieqdwhatkatieate and mimithor

Want to get in on the fun? Keep an eye out for our next #F52Grams theme tomorrow -- and be sure to follow us on Instagram, too. 

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