Our Latest Contest: Your Best Recipe with Mustard

March  3, 2014

Your Best Mustard from Food52

Open up your fridge and look closely -- you're bound to have mustard. This week is all about unearthing those staples and old standbys, and turning them into the stars of the whole show. We want to see your best recipes with mustard -- powder, seeds, greens, and all. 

Head to the contest page here to enter! 

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Chef V. March 3, 2014
Mustard Girl Marinated - Pretzel Crusted- Pork Tenderloin<br /><br />Marinade-<br />1/2 cup EVVO <br />3 Big Squeezes MUSTARD GIRL AMERICAN DIJON MUSTARD<br />1/4 cup drinkable red wine<br />Fresh cracked pepper<br /><br />After marinating pork loin pat dry, roll in crushed pretzels, roast on oven rack at 450 degrees for 10 min reduce heat to 350 for additional time until desired temperature <br /><br />Reserve marinate to reduce down with fresh mushrooms for pan sauce