How can I get my biscuits to rise?

Andrea J Levine
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1 Comment

Anitalectric December 4, 2011
Did you add leavening? Baking powder should work. Also, it helps to not over-handle the dough. Even to the point where it is still kind of crumbling apart and there are still some gobs of butter. The more you handle the dough, the prettier and even it will look but the tougher your consistency and the less they will rise.

Once you have cut in the butter, and incorporated the cream, just fold together a few times only. This will yield a flakier, fluffier biscuit that will rise higher. Also, if you brush the tops with cream, that will trap in steam that will help them rise.

Last tip: bake in a HOT oven, at least 450 degrees F.

Maybe you could also be more specific about the steps you've already taken to pinpoint the issue.
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