Can you keep uncooked bisciuts in fridge chilling for a few hours before baking?

Want to make Erin McDowell's biscuits but want to get it all out of the way and cook just before dinner. Possible?

  • Posted by: olive
  • November 21, 2016


Smaug November 21, 2016
The recipe is slightly different from mine, but shouldn't be any problem; I often leave the dough out wrapped for a couple of hours before forming, and leave the biscuits out after forming for an hour or so; you could probably just cover them and leave them on the counter. If you chill them it will make a very slight increase in the baking time.
olive November 21, 2016
Thanks so much Smaug !
Emily S. November 21, 2016
Chilling biscuits is normally fine. They'll probably need about 3-5 extra minutes in the oven though.
olive November 21, 2016
Thanks Emily !
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