Any ideas on how to commemorate 'Terra Madre' day on Dec 10? Its basically celebrating what we F52 ers do on a daily basis!
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Terra Madre is an extensive network of people working towards the creation of a good, clean and fair model of food production and consumption and who gather every two years in Turin since 2004, to discuss and share their knowledge and experiences. Joined together in food communities, the network brings together sustainable farmers, fishers and food producers with cooks, teachers involved with school garden and canteen projects, academics, researchers and experts, students and other youth.

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susan G. December 5, 2011
Sounds like a wonderful idea and a teaching moment for your children. You could take them to a winter farmers market (if you have any nearby, or a farm, etc), plan a special meal around the food, talk about what it all means. I assume your children don't depend on convenience food/big ag for their daily meals, but exposure to the world (school, TV, etc) will turn their heads. And share with them how things have changed from your childhood and your husband's, and their grandparents.
Or invite back your FOOD52 party people for a potluck with this theme...
Wish I could join you! (When I was growing up, in the 1950's, my family had a United Nations Day dinner every year, on October 24th. We had a UN Cookbook and tried food from other countries -- it made quite an impression on me!)
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