A question about a recipe: Tuscan Onion Confit

This looks great but I want to make it for some who can't eat pine or other nuts. Any substitute idea? Would it work as well without them? Thanks.

Stan Harrison
Tuscan Onion Confit
Recipe question for: Tuscan Onion Confit


Jassy February 20, 2012
I think sunflower seeds are a good replacement for pine nuts.
boulangere December 6, 2011
I'm allergic to nuts, and I'd make this in a heartbeat without them.
Stan H. December 6, 2011
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lloreen December 6, 2011
I forgot to buy pine nuts and had to add them at the last minute. It tasted great without the nuts too. Maybe just add extra raisins or other dried fruits. I used dried cranberries, which have a bit more of a bite. It was hands-down the favorite dish at Thanksgiving and I gave the recipe to several people.
Stan H. December 6, 2011
Cranberries. Great idea! Thank you!
Merrill S. December 6, 2011
It would be just fine without the nuts!
Stan H. December 6, 2011
Thank you! I thought the same but I'm happy you feel the same.
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