Tuscan Onion Confit: This looks delicious and I will be making. How many people will it serve? Because it is chunky I am not sure how many serving...

...s 3 cups will make

  • Posted by: Joan
  • December 16, 2017
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Tuscan Onion Confit
Recipe question for: Tuscan Onion Confit

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702551 December 16, 2017
It's a condiment, not really a side dish.

While I've never made this recipe, I don't think I'd care to eat half a cup of this at one sitting. But that's just me. I would think it would serve as a condiment for 8-12 maybe more.

To me, rich condiments like this are best enjoyed in small quantities, like the cranberry sauce mentioned in the headnote.

The portion size will be largely dictated by the people at your dinner table.

Note that if there are leftovers, this preparation stores well (I'm sure it could survive a couple of months in the freezer).

Best of luck.
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