Doing a dessert for a small dinner party tomorrow and have a rough idea, needs refinement: ready-made shortcrust tartlet shells, chevre, creme fraiche and lemon. Suggestions?



innoabrd November 11, 2010
Thanks, everyone, for the input. In the end, I kept it simple and did this variation on my grandmother's baked cheesecake.
mrslarkin November 9, 2010
yes, do figs! Here's a really nice one, and I bet you could sub your chevre for the mascarpone:
hardlikearmour November 9, 2010
How about a riff on this:
VanessaS November 9, 2010
sliced plums and a walnut-thyme streusel?
TiggyBee November 9, 2010
You could do a lemon curd layer over the chevre and creme and then a bit of burnt sugar on top.
Soozll November 9, 2010
Topped with figs in a port reduction?
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