A question about a recipe: Okonomiyaki

I have a question about the ingredient "(roughly) baby or chopped shrimp" on the recipe "Okonomiyaki" from Midge.
Should the shrimp be cooked or uncooked when added to the batter?

  • Posted by: Brenzo
  • December 10, 2011
Recipe question for: Okonomiyaki


Midge December 10, 2011
meganvt01 is right. Raw is best, but leftover cooked shrimp works too. Hope you like it!
Brenzo December 10, 2011
Ok...tHanks. The recipe just calls for 'baby or chopped shrimp', so I wasn't sure. And I didn't know if 3 min a side cooking time would be long enough for the shrimp inside the okonomiyaki batter. Appreciate your quick reply!!
meganvt01 December 10, 2011
I've done it both ways depending on what I have handy. Uncooked is what the recipe calls for I believe. Enjoy! It's my fav recipe on food52
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