A question about a recipe: Okonomiyaki. We don't eat shrimp. Is there another protein that would work? Salmon? Tofu?

I have a question about the recipe "Okonomiyaki" from Midge.

Recipe question for: Okonomiyaki


kellybritton September 19, 2011
I live in Japan and we often see Okonomiyaki made with thinly sliced, small pieces of pork (which are not cooked beforehand). It's also very popular to add small squid or pieces of octopus if you like those. Salmon might be too strong of a flavor for this food....
creamtea June 27, 2011
thank-you to everyone who answered. I will try it with leftover chicken (which we often have), or for a non-meat night, I'll experiment. I may add shiitakes.
Sam1148 June 27, 2011
BTW: I precooked the chicken before adding to the mix, which isn't needed with seafood.
Sam1148 June 27, 2011
I used chicken, pounded thin and cut in tiny cubes and soaked in soy sauce a bit last night. It was great.
I didn't make the entire portion of the recipe, using only 2 eggs and bit less than 1/4 cup of flour. It turned out a bit 'eggy' and not like the glamor shot in the recipe. Which is what I get for eyeballing proportions, Maybe more cabbage next time.
It was still excellent.

I had a portion of the mixture left over and had it for lunch and made a discovery. A table spoon or less of corn starch made it perfect..nice and crispy--actually better than last nights trial run.
vvvanessa June 27, 2011
i like using cooked chicken thigh meat or pork, like a roast or chops that have been sliced up. i made these the other day with potatoes (not a protein, i know), and they were terrific.
SKK June 27, 2011
The translation for okonomiyaki is 'as you like'. So whatever you put in it works, including salmon, tofu, pork, crab, ......
Stephanie G. June 27, 2011
I make it all the time with only eggs.
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