Advice for reheating glögg or other mulled wines?

A&M's notes for this recipe say it doesn't reheat well. My own family recipe, which is fairly similar, specifically instructs to bring all ingredients an almost-boil, then to let it sit overnight for the flavors to meld. (It doesn't include the step of reducing the port, etc.) Anyone have any advice about reheating gløgg/glögg or other mulled wines?



Greenstuff December 12, 2011
Thanks, susan g. I don't know how I'd missed that one. it's interesting to see how much the recipes and also the methods vary. I decided to make my usual version (port, brandy, and wine) and drink it immediately (that will be tomorrow) as well as the next day (St. Lucia day in Sweden, which is more of a morning coffee event, but what the heck--I'm on a mission).
susan G. December 12, 2011
Look at today's (12/11/11) New York Times Magazine -- it has you make a base with 1 bottle of wine by bringing it to a boil, then simmering, then adding 4 - 5 bottles of wine, resting, then reheating just to hot before serving.
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