Does adding wine to pesto sauce to bring out flavor? Is red or white better?

I've heard the Swiss sometimes add wine to pesto sauce to bring out the flavor. Any idea what kind they use (red or white), or how much? I have tried Googling without success.

Penelope Bell


Penelope B. June 21, 2021
A belated thanks for your thoughtful comments and recipe suggestions, Nancy, which both sound delicious. I agree about white wine likely pairing better than red. And your comment about fondue reminded me that I have a recipe by Rick Rodgers for one with pesto, white wine and brie that I have been meaning to try. I will report back on all. One of the things I love about pesto is there is always more to learn!
Nancy June 17, 2021
I looked at your profile and see you are a pesto producer, so you probably know more about this than all of us combined.
That said, I've made many green sauces (from Italy, Argentina, Mexico etc.) and am working on expanding my repertoire.
NEVER heard of a Genoese version with wine in it, but YES heard of pasta dishes which use a combination of pesto and white wine in it. That sounds good to me - the white wine will balance some of the fat in the pesto and still let all the flavors through. (I think red wine is better with stronger flavors like tomato and beef.)
Last, Saveur Magazine (which is usually thorough in its research) had a survey of worldwide green sauces about ten years ago and I don't remember a mention of wine there.
Nancy June 17, 2021
Somehow thought you were looking for a Genoese version. Nor a Swiss version. Could the dish you heard of be related to their cheese and wine fondue?
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