I am about to make a quiche but I only have cheddar cheese, processed Swiss cheese and Parmesan. Recipes I have call for Swiss or Gruyere. Can I grate and use the processed Swiss cheese in place of 1 cup regular Swiss cheese?


  • Posted by: Trifin
  • November 9, 2010


Kayb November 10, 2010
I've made many a quiche with cheddar and parmigiano. Not sure about processed Swiss slices -- regular Swiss works fine. I think whatever cheese you want to try should work just fine; I wouldn't go exclusively with the processed Swiss, but I think it'd be fine in combo with the other kinds.
pierino November 10, 2010
I guess I'm more of a cheese guy than a wine guy so the prospect of using processed cheese period, scares the hell out of me. Show me a green box of "parmesan" and I'll run like a dog from flea spray. I am the stinky cheese man, bring it on.
beyondcelery November 9, 2010
I agree with drbabs--the processed cheese probably isn't going to blend with the other ingredients very well. I'd just use the cheddar and Parmesan together. One of my best quiche recipes uses about 1/2 cup cheddar and 1/4 cup Parmesan to go with onion, garlic, spinach, green onions, and white beans.
Trifin November 9, 2010
Thanks very much for your answers. And yes, the process Swiss is in slices.

Mr_Vittles November 9, 2010
I'm sure you could use the processed cheese just fine, although it may just taste not as good as the real stuff. I have found processed cheese to be a real winner with many cheese heavy recipes, especially mac and cheese. I have found it to be a great binder for other cheeses, as long as you do not use all processed cheese, I found it not to make a huge difference.
drbabs November 9, 2010
What else is in the quiche? I would avoid the processed cheese--it probably won't melt well or blend with the other ingredients. Cheddar is great with broccoli and mushrooms, and I'm of the opinion that parmesan makes most things better.
aargersi November 9, 2010
I would add the cheddar too for melting-ness ... more cheese is always better!!!
nutcakes November 9, 2010
I though processed Swiss only came in slices. But sure you can use it. It don't be as nice as regular but will do in a pinch. I'd ad some Parm to improve the flavor as well.
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