Last year my caramels stuck to the wrappers - any idea why? Is it because they were salted?



The S. December 12, 2011
I cut wax paper and have had no problem with salting. However, It was been warmer and wetter longer here this year, and I have to say many of my treats have suffered in various ways, so if it is humid where you are that could be too.
bigpan December 12, 2011
Use parchment baking paper and don't wrap until candies are room temp. A pinch of coarse sea salt adds to the taste. Just a pinch.
Droplet December 12, 2011
I think the way you store the caramels after you wrap them is also important. A slightly higher than room temperature as well as moisture levels can affect their stickiness on the outside.
Dona December 12, 2011
I cut up parchment paper for my caramels. No sticking problem.
hardlikearmour December 12, 2011
I know what you mean about cutting the waxed paper! I've not used the pre-cut wrappers, but suspect they are the issue, not the salt.
dottieinthekitchen December 12, 2011
It's a pretty standard recipe, cooked to firm ball stage (248*). I can't remember if I had this problem with caramels that I didn't salt. I'm making different flavors of caramels and would love to be able to use the wrappers rather than cutting squares of waxed paper.
hardlikearmour December 12, 2011
What do you use for wrappers? I use waxed paper, and salt a lot of my caramels, and don't have trouble with sticking. What caramel recipe are you using & to what stage to you cook the caramel mixture?
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